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Schoolage - Set of Twelve

Schoolage child care programs can provide flexability for children to pursue interests that appeal to them as they develop critical thinking. Smaller group settings provide opportunity for the teachers to focus on the indivdual needs of each child. Children are also afforded the opportunity to learn in school in fun and interesting ways.

Schoolage - Set of Twelve
Overview: Schoolage - Set of Twelve
Over a million school-aged children attend after-school childcare programs on a daily basis across America. These programs are located in elementary schools, childcare centers, licensed homes and other public facilities. After-school programs are faced with challenges unique to school-aged care. They often meet in facilities that are designed for another purpose, children are often tired after a long day at school and consistent staffing is often difficult to maintain due to the part-time nature of the job. These 12 publications provide practical strategies and basic child development information to help adults create an after-school care environment that meets the unique needs of elementary school children. They are attractive, easy-to-read and contain wealth of information.


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