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The Institute for Childhood Education

Our mission is to provide professional development to early childhood professionals. Our materials are based on best practices and the latest available research in neuroscience and early education. We believe that the care and education of young children begins with an understanding of the basic principles of child development and developmental processes. We seek to help people understand how best practices support the physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of children. We believe that learning should be more than just hands-on, it should be minds-on and it should be intellectually engaging.

Dr. Sorrels' NEW BOOK by Gryphon House

What does a harmed child look like? It’s the little girl on the playground who has mysterious bruises on her legs. It’s the three-month-old baby boy who arches his back when you try to hold him. It’s the four-year-old who bites and hits when asked to clean up. These are the faces of traumatized children. As an early childhood professional, you play a key role in the early identification of maltreatment and unhealthy patterns of development. You are also the gateway to healing. In Reaching and Teaching Children Exposed to ...

The Foundations of Learning

Pyramid of Learning Skills Concepts Processes Dispositions Social Skills Self-Regulation Self-Awareness Relationship Language Physical Wellbeing
Pyramid Background

Learning Pyramid

The Foundations of Learning Pyramid is a framework for understanding how to create an early care and learning environment that nurtures childrens development in all domains: emotional, social, physical and cognitive. It is a tool to help caregivers, teachers and parents understand the key components of a quality care and learning environment for young children.
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